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High Performance Pigment (HPP)


High performance pigment shows high performance properties in its end use application, As far as the performance is concerned, which are effectiveness (technical performance); economy (benefits to the customer); and ecology (environmental and toxicological safety).


High performance pigment (HPP) show high color strength, high insolubility and heat stability, furthermore, they have extremely good light- and weather-fastness properties, solvent and bleeding fastness and low migration. Because of these properties, these pigments are preferentially used in all applications which require excellent light and weather fastness, such as all outdoor applications like automotive coatings, exterior house paints and outdoor signs.


High performance pigment (HPPs) encompass a wide variety of pigments, including specialty phthalocyanine (blue and green), indanthrone, quinacridone, perylene, DPP, specialty napthol, carbazole violet, benzimidazolone, azo condensations, metal complex pigments and isoindolinone.


Currently, we are in a position to supply the following products:

C.I.No. Name CAS No.

Pigment Yellow 147 Pigment Yellow AGR 4118-16-5

Pigment Yellow 150 Pigment Fast Yellow 3G 68511-62-6

Pigment Yellow 151 Pigment Yellow H4G 31837-42-0

Pigment Yellow 180 Pigment Yellow HG 77804-81-0

Pigment Orange 36 Pigment Orange HL 12236-62-3

Pigment Red 122 Pigment Magenta Y 980-26-7 / 16043-40-6

Pigment Red 123 Pigment Red E-B 24108-89-2

Pigment Red 146 Pigment Carmine FBB 5280-68-2

Pigment Red 176 Pigment Carmine F3C 12225-06-8

Pigment Red 185 Pigment Carmine HF4C 51920-12-8 / 61951-98-2

Pigment Red 208 Pigment Red HF2B 31778-10-6

Pigment Red 254 Pigment Red BO 84632-65-5

Pigment Violet 19 Pigment Violet 4R 1047-16-1

Pigment Violet 23 Pigment Violet RL 6358-30-1

Pigment Blue 60 Pigment Blue 3R 81-77-6

Pigment Green 36 Pigment Green 6G 14302-13-7







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