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A highly acclaimed company having solid presence in international market of Dyestuffs & fine chemicals, Hangzhou Sunny Chemical Co.,Ltd. specialise in manufacturing of wide range of Disperse dyes, Acid dyes, Solvent dyes and Vat dyes, as well as fine chemicals, since its establish in 1993.
Sunny Chemical enjoys a formidable reputation for superior quality, reasonable prices and punctual delivery. We have our valuable customers spread across various industries like textile, ink, leather, paper, paint, lubricants, cosmetics and many other industries where colour applications are required.

R & D

---To develop improved manufacturing process and technology for fine tuning of product quality.

---Lowering of manufacturing costs through process innovation/upgradation.

---To develop new variants of colours.

---To minimize environmental hazards

Recently, we cooperate with university and institute, to develop some new pharm intermediates.

Production Capacity

Sunny Chemical today has a total capacity of 6000 MT/PA of dyestuff including Disperse, Acid and Solvent dyes. Our production facilities include spray driers, Tray Driers and Fluid Bed driers supported with reverse osmosis system in order to make salt free dyes. This fulfills the Sunny Chemical's commitment towards worker's safety and industrial hygiene.

Quality Policy

----Quality is the best way of eliminating Competition.
----We have a set of high standard and done ourselves in maintaining impeccable standards of quality.


Sunny Chemical have a attitude of healthy respect toward protection of precious natural resources. Our sensitivity is reflected aptly with our active participation in green environment to operate society & our industrial effluent is
treated in common treatment plant known as C.E.T.P. 



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