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   Manufacturer and Exporter of UV Absorber, Light stabilizer,dyes, pigments and fine chemicals



 A highly acclaimed company having solid presence in international market of Dyestuffs & fine chemicals, Sunny Chemical Co.,Ltd, specialized in manufacturing of wide range of UV Absorber, Light stabilizer,Disperse dyes, Acid dyes, Solvent dyes and Vat dyes, as well as fine chemicals, since its establish in 1993……



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    Fine Chemical



          Silylating Reagent |  Food additive | Biocide & Antimicrobial | Other fine chemical

• Fabrics To Dye For

    Polymer additive


UV absorber   |  Light stabilizer  |  Antioxidant   |  Optical Brightener Agent

• HM Customs & Excise

    Disperse dyes


• HNippon Fine Chemical

          Yellow color | Orange color | Red color | Violet color | Blue color | Green color


          Brown  color |  Black color | High wet fastness color | Transfer printing color

• Tea Polyphenol

          Microfiber Color | Acetate Color   | Heat transfer dye


    Acid dyes

• Tequshangwang


          Acid Yellow dyes | Acid Orange dyes | Acid Red dyes | Acid Violet dyes | Acid Blue dyes  |  Acid Green dyes  | 

• shanqingjewelrycity

          Acid Brown and Black dyes | Holawool series


    Solvent dyes

• songmingzhaoye

• e3y3

          Solvent Yellow dyes  | Solvent Orange dyes | Solvent Red dyes | Solvent Violet dyes | Solvent Blue dyes | Solvent Green dyes

• hcelectron

          Solvent Black dyes  |  Solvent Brown dyes 


    Heat transfer dyes



• tonto-tech


    Vat dyes



    Direct dyes








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