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Manufacturer and Exporter of UV absorber, dyes,pigments and fine chemicals A highly acclaimed company having solid presence in international market of Dyestuffs & fine chemicals, Hangzhou Sunny Chemical Co.,Ltd. specialise in manufacturing of wide range of Disperse dyes, Acid dyes, UV absorber, Solvent dyes and Vat dyes, as well as fine chemicals, since its establish in 1993

Sunny Chemical UV absorber

Sunny Chemical UV Absorber helps prevent color degradation by reducing the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. Ideal for use over fluorescent colors to prolong color retention. This clear waterbased urethane can be brushed, rolled, or sprayed. Gloss or flat.

Types and features of UV stabilizers,UV absorber

UV absorber has the primary function of absorbing ultraviolet and emitting it as thermal energy, and the secondary function of terminating creation of free radicals which decrease its own capability of absorbing ultraviolet. Therefore radical scavengers such as HALS, the primary oxidation preventing agents are added to the UV absorber to supplement the functions. The UV absorber should have high absorptivity at wavelength sensitive for macromolecules, and the cross-section thickness should be enough for effective functioning. Hydroxy benzophenone and hydroxyphenyl benzotriazole are the most popular materials of the UV absorbers. Arylester or Oxanilides is also employed in some cases.

Bezophenone: It shows small volatility during processing and good compatibility with polyolephine. However, benzophenone often demonstrates color changes upon compounding, processing and exposure to outdoor environments.

Bezotriazole: It has strong aborptivity of ultraviolet in a wavelength range between 280 and 390 nm, and demonstrate high absorptivity up to boundary of visible ray areas. In short, it is better in ultraviolet absorptivity than benzophenone. Benzotriazole is widely employed in PS, HIPS, ABS, PC and thermosetting polyester, and excellent both in initial colors and long color stability. UV absorber from LG Chemical belongs to the benzotriazole system.

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